Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm Baaaaaaa-aaaaaaaack!

know… I skipped a week. Perhaps I should have built into these uhhh… “rules” that if I had a show coming up where I had to create a costume – that perhaps I should get a week off for that.

We did an act for a burlesque style show and I had to make a white, tulle “bustle”, a choker, embellish the “corset” and rework some boots into spats.

None of the pieces followed the “no buying new stuff” rule.

I didn’t have any white tulle for the “bustle”, nor a long enough piece of white trim to embellish the tulle. As such, I bought it, plus the trims. One trim was an organza pleated ribbon that looked nice, the other, this terrific, cheap silver “rhinestone” trim that’s a faceted concavity that *looks* convex and it suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper sparkly. Hooray, Mill End!

The spats were a pair synthetic suede boots that I’ve owned for something like 15 years – and the heel *just* broke off one. They might count because I used some leftover “rhinestone” trim to flash ‘em up just a skosh.

The choker I suppose *might* loosely work with the rules as it was made of venise lace, diamond shaped spots, and some synthetic fabric for flower petals that I already had, plus left over from the creation of the bustle.

As for what I made this week. I created a “melted” fabric flower (sometimes called organza flowers) with Venice lace and silver and glass bead drops. I’ve had the drops for a while, they were parts of a necklace that I knew would look great on something else.

I’ve even gotten a start on next week! There’s a masquerade on Saturday, and I’m determined to only use things I have to create the costume for it. I’ve already repainted a mask that I bought a while ago (well, actually I bought 4 of them, cause they were super cheap), specifically for the purpose of repainting. It was red and cream and I want this costume to be in green, gold, and peacock. So here’s step one:

Over the course of the week, I’ll be further embellishing this with beads and jewel beetle elytra I already own. I believe I will also be making more melted flowers in the appropriate colors so I can cover my whole head in a hair garden of green, blue and gold.

Which – is kinda silly, as the masquerade’s theme is Fire and Ice, but… whatcha gonna do without nearly enough red (though plenty of tangerine).

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