Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An Inconvenient Truth

Proper planning prevents poor performance. That was (and may still be) a mantra of my ex-husband's. While true, I find it to be a bit sanctimonious sounding.

Instead, I'll go with what my fiance told me once about planning when I was way off on my timing while creating a meal: "Always have a solid plan in place when you're putting a dinner together - that way, when it doesn't work out, you can just say things didn't go according to plan."

So this week, there will be a plan - as to last week, though -

My hobby room was then and is still, an unmitigated disaster. However, I have promised that will be no obstacle! And indeed it wasn't, as I figured since I'd be at my parents' place Monday night after a meeting, and I could create my piece there. I started at 8:30 because well, that's when I got home, and besides, there was no waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay it'd take as long as the instructions say.
This is a photo of my project at 11:00 Monday night. At this point have already ripped it apart once and re-started. No, I didn't complete it before midnight. But it's already looking better. But what is *it*?

It is going to be a Slatt weave paracord rescue belt, using 550 black paracord. I scavenged the nicely heavy brass buckle from a belt that will someday be used for yet another project I've had the components for forever and never made. Here's a pic of someone else's finished belt.

I've always wanted to be able to make something to give to guys. Well, guys who aren't into steampunk, anyway. I think a rescue belt would be pretty spiff. The Slatt weave allows you to completely and quickly unwind the belt *et voila* 50-100 feet of sturdy paracord! Braid it to climb out of a window, make a rabbit snare when lost in the wilderness, tie off the limb that has to be sawed off because it's trapped between two boulders, or hand the whole mess to unruly children tell them they can use it to play "interrogate the spy" - every emergency situation that requires just a bit of rope!
I also want to be able to incorporate a fire striker and a small knife somehow. Still figuring that part out. There's a guy who made an altoids tin emergency kit into a buckle to do that, but that just seems too bulky.

Anyway, I'll finish the belt this week, and have this weekend's piece in mind - a collar/necklace of lace and bits for an upcoming performance costume. See - planning already!

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