Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Planning?! We don' need no stinkin' PLANNING! ¡Vamanos!

So, yeah, that whole planning thing. Whatever.
I've been working on some costume elements for the first Vaudeville Vixens performance, but haven't been able to use any of the pieces for this project, as they've required some minimal purchases (white tulle, organza and trim) to complete.
It was sheer luck that I actually *did* complete something on time.
I dug out a bunch of elements I wanted to use for a choker for the costume - some of grandma's old mismatched/broken costume jewelry, a couple of cast bird skull pendants, organza and lace. Many of the elements I already owned, however, with the new organza and trim - I couldn't use it for my project (I'll probably append a pic of it to this post when I'm done anyway, just to show the finished product).
I was looking down at one of the jewelry pieces - a bachelor earring - when I realized that a teensie bird skull I have would look perfect attached to it. And then the what ifs hit and I attached that earring as a central pendent on another piece of grandma's - a rhinestone necklace.
When it was finished - I liked it, but the brightness of the rhinestones with the dark of the earring doesn't work as well I thought it would. Also, you really have to *look* to see the bird head against the pendent.

Also, perhaps I oughter start taking the photos with something other than my iphone...

Polly wanna rhinestone?

So, of course, the whole thing is completed, photos are taken, and I realize I really should have put rhinestones in the eye sockets. So, I'll be rooting around in the *other* cast off bin that I totally forgot I have to complete that - plus, I want to add a weeee bit of chain so I can actually wear the thing without having to lose 20 lbs. Luckily - I have all of that already, so I'll be able to stay within parameters!
(more pix to append to this)

Question - if I can find the right sized rhinestones in a color other than clear, should I use them instead? I was thinking red might be good for some pop.

This coming week - spats perhaps!

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